Sherlock Holmes


England in the 19th century. 27 year old Sherlock Holmes meets with Dr. John Watson - an experienced doctor who has just returned from the war in Afghanistan. In order to save money, they share a flat in central London with Mrs Hudson. Watson is surprised to learn that his new friend is a private detective. The Doctor realizes that he is becoming involved in an investigation, led by Holmes. Considering his young friend to be a genius, Watson decides to write about the detective's talent, and discloses the mysteries to the whole world in his stories, which often embellish events. Sherlock Holmes smokes cigarettes, but Watson comes up with the idea of the famous pipe for effect. Later, he even tries to get Holmes to smoke it for real. The two are often invited to take part in investigations by an inspector from Scotland Yard, Inspector Lestrade, whose search for the perpetrator often comes to a standstill. The genius investigator and the Doctor confronts with extraordinary villains: Professor Moriarty and charming Irene Adler.

type of work



  • Antuan Vivas-Denisov— camera man

  • Andrey Kavun— director

Production company

  • Central Partnership, RUSSIA.TV