Gentlemen, Good Luck!


A young entertainer in a child center Alex Treshkin – an infantine and a cheerful “hipster” – appears to be a dead ringer for a dangerous thief and murderer – Smiley (called that way because he smiles before the murder). Smiley steals a national symbol of Kazakhstan from the Saint-Petersburg museum – The Golden Warrior. A young and beautiful police officer Irina Slavina forces Treshkin to assist in investigation – and that’s how Treshkin gets involved into a crazy chain of events. Escape from Egyptian prison, shifting clothes to paranja, truck chasing and a real feat needed to save himself, Slavina and his new friends and finally – to find his love this New Year.

type of work



  • Dmitriy Kiselev— director

  • Ramunas Greicius— camera man

  • Aleksandr Baranov— director

Production company

  • Bazelevs ProductionFond kinoRussia.tv