CGF Nimble is a facial motion capture system that allows you to automate facial animation of computer generated characters, talking animals and digital doubles

Dmitry Shurov - Lead Developer of CGF Nimble. System testing.

NIMBLE provides high-quality realistic facial animation of digital characters, allowing you to catch the subtle nuances of the actor’s play and transfer them to the CG-character. Real-time rendering gives freedom to make creative decisions quickly, significantly reduces production time and provides the highest productivity.


CGF Nimble can be used in:                                                         

  • production of feature films
  • animation
  • game industry
  • TV and media
  • virtual and augmented reality               
  • robotics and medicine


Nimble offers the following features:

  • marker-based (offline) and markerless (real-time) facial motion capture
  • lightweight helmet design that allows you to work comfortably in the system up to 8 hours a day, in the development of which special attention was paid to provide actor’s freedom in movement
  • visualization CG-character’s facial expressions in real-time
  • integration with Maya and Unreal Engine
  • significant reduction of the production cycle and improving the speed of animated content creation


Nimble underwent pilot testing on the Russian feature film "Naparnik" (“The Partner”), carrying out facial motion capture of an adult actor Sergey Garmash and retargeting his facial expressions to a computer generated child. The film premiered in September, 2017.

CG hero character from the Russian feature film "Naparnik", created with the help of Nimble facial mocap.

Currently Nimble is involved in several projects, including “The Little Hunchback Horse” feature film, and “Relicts” animated short film.

The main character of "Relics" movie

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