About us

Post Production and Visual Effects Studio

CGF has grown from a small VFX company back in 2004 to the largest Russian studio that expertises in:


We provide comprehensive approach to CG content production.

We lead our clients through all production stages: from art sketches, animatics and on-set supervising to VFX production and color grading.

The area of our expertise includes concept art, design and previz, modeling, rigging, objects and characters animation, dinamic effects (explosions, destructions, simulation of liquid, smoke, fire, clothes), compositing and motion design.


We also work with animation projects. Our team of talented artists creates memorable 3D characters and worlds.


We started VR as an experiment in 2016 and our works have recieved festival awards and clients' favors. 

Innovation & RnD

We use not only industry standard software but develop our own tools such as:

Our current pipeline allows to scale the company upon project needs attracting more artists and computing power and thus to process VFX with any level of difficulty.

We have about 20 preffesional awards: Golden Eagle Russia, UK Music Video Awards, Berlin Music Video Awards, Animayo 2017, Epica Awards, VR Fest MX, Red Apple and others.